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Embark on a visual odyssey

Johns works are as diverse as the world he encounters. This self-taught artist has actively chosen to put his hand to as many painting styles as possible.

He has intentionally opted out of a description for each piece so the viewer can interpret them as they like.


Due to John's prolific nature, his most up to date body of works can be viewed on instagram. 


About John.

John keeps his hands busy with a brush because the alternative is hypochondria. When he is patient, he works with oils on large scale canvas. When he is restless or in need to translate what is rushing through his head, acrylics on canvas, board or French paper suffice. He draws inspiration from the greats such as Picasso as well as modern architecture and interior design. John loves to fill an empty wall with meaning. Follow him on his pigment peregrinations.




2018 - 2023

  • Rotary Art Show 2018 & 2023 (4 artworks)

  • Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award 2019

  • Du Rietz Art Award (2 Artworks) 2019


Solo & group

2018 - 2023

  • P R O L O G U E   -  2023 QLD - Solo

  • Rotary Art Show 2018 & 2023 QLD - Group

  • Stillwater & Stillwater Seven 2023 TAS - Solo

  • Belle Art Start - 2020 NSW - Group

  • Finding John Wren - 2019 VIC - Solo

  • Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award 2019 QLD - Group

  • Du Rietz Art Award 2019 QLD - Group

  • Somerset Art Award 2019 QLD - Group

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